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MBOX file format is used to store one or many e-mail messages in one file. MBOX file format originated from Unix where it was not strictly defined. It was up to an application how to store message data in MBOX file. But in 2005 application/mbox content type was standardized by RFC 4155. This RFC specifically defines how messages should be delimited from each other in MBOX format because this mechanism was different from implementation to implementation.

MBOX files are used in various different cases. This includes mailing list management applications, e-mail servers, e-mail archiving utilities. MBOX is capable of storing e-mails in nested folders.

MBOX file use application/mbox MIME type when transferred over e-mail and internet.

It is possible to open MBOX file and import data from it with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Apple Mail.

In Apple Mail you need to select “File->Import Mailboxes…”. In the next dialog you need to choose "Import data from: Files in MBOX format". After that you just need to select MBOX file you want to import and click OK to proceed.

In Outlook you need to select “File->Open->Import …”. And then select “Import Internet Mail and Addresses” and click “Next”. On a next screen select “Outlook Express” option and make sure that “Import Mail” option is checked. Click Next to select MBOX file and click “OK” to proceed with import.

Alternatively, there are many third-party tools on the market which can convert MBOX files to different formats like PST. For example Outlook Freeware tools can convert MBOX to PST, EML and MSG files. It supports various MBOX formats including mboxo, mboxrd, mboxcl, mboxcl2 and others.

At this moment MBOX format is not widely used and was replaced by more modern storage formats like PST.

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RPMSG Quick Info
  Rights-Managed Email Object Protocol File
Opens with
  Microsoft Outlook
  Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA)
  Azure Information Protection viewer