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Convert RPMSG to PDF Online

Because RPMSG is an encrypted file format in order to convert it to PDF you need to decrypt it first. Decryption of RPMSG file could be either done by Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Azure Information Protection Client. If you can login online to any of those applications with your account you will be able to view the message inside the application and save it to PDF from there. Please note that you need to use an account for login which is a recipient of the RMS encrypted message with view permissions.

In order to convert from RPMSG to PDF using Microsoft Outlook perform the following steps:

  • Sign in with your e-mail account to Microsoft Outlook application. Make sure that you use the account which is the recipient of the message inside the RPMSG file.
  • Open RPMSG file in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Choose File->Print in the menu, select "Save Print Output as..." and choose a folder where to place your PDF file. After that click "Save".

To convert RPMSG file to PDF using Microsoft Azure Protection Client perform the following steps:

  • Download Microsoft Azure Information Protection Client from
  • Open RPMSG file in Microsoft Azure Information Protection Client.
  • If you have copy/print permissions on the message you will be able to Print it from the client. If Print button is not available you can copy content of the document to another application and print it from there.

If instead RPMSG file you recieved RMS protected PDF or PPDF file you can read Protected PDF readers manual to find out which PDF viewers you should use.

Default opener for RPMSG file is Microsoft Outlook in most cases.

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RPMSG Quick Info
  Rights-Managed Email Object Protocol File
Opens with
  Microsoft Outlook
  Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA)
  Azure Information Protection viewer